Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion 
At House of Law we maintain a policy of zero tolerance towards tax evasion and are committed to preventing anybody employed by, or associated with, the firm from engaging in or facilitating the evasion of all and any UK or foreign taxes. 
We do not regard tax evasion as a victimless crime but as one that affects each and everyone of us. Tax evasion results in there being less money available to enable the country to fund its hospitals, care for the elderly, provide overseas aid, and pay for roads, infrastructure and public services. Those whom it impacts are often the most innocent, and vulnerable, individuals. 
As a consequence, House of Law operates policies and procedures to prevent the firm being used for facilitation of tax evasion and we are committed to ensuring that all of of our employees and clients are aware of the issues and how to prevent any involvement in it. 
Please contact us if you wish to raise something with us 
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